El Carrizal hydroelectric power system, Bolivia

Ende (National Electricity Company of Bolivia) engaged Asociación AH Carrizal, with TYPSA as the lead partner, to develop the Carrizal Hydroelectric Project. The Project’s main aim is to generate electricity using the hydroelectric potential of Andean rivers. The field works were constrained by the considerable dimensions of the works designed in this macro project and the exceptional Andean terrain. The main components of the solution finally selected include a dam, a hydraulic diversion tunnel, a penstock, power plant and transmission line. Access roads and construction camps have also been designed. The roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam rises 160 m high above the foundation and has a crest length of 380 m and a 1,334 hm3 regulating reservoir. The overfall spillway is 86 m long with a discharge capacity of 7,290 m³/s (1.000 year return period). The bottom outlet comprises seven 3 x 3.5 m rectangular ducts located at different heights, with...

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TYPSA designs the new Lahore airport in Pakistan

TYPSA presented the tentative new expansion design for Lahore International Airport to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the country’s airport authorities at the beginning of September 2016. The design, which was commissioned by the Pakistani government earlier in the year, will allow the current Lahore airport to increase its annual handling capacity from 4.5 million passengers to over 25 million passengers. The new building will have a gross floor area of 325,000 square metres with thirty-one boarding bridges, while the aircraft parking apron and taxiways will be extended by 310,000 square metres. A new underground multi-storey car park and a new air cargo terminal area will also be built and the current accesses will be restructured to cope with the required capacity. TYPSA also presented a design proposal allowing for a possible increase to 35 million passengers a year, including a new runway, expansion of the terminal area, new...

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Supervision of the desalination plant in Al Khafji

TYPSA has been awarded the contract to review the detailed design and supervise the construction works of the desalination plant in Al Khafji, in Saudi Arabia, including the photovoltaic plant to power it. The facility, developed by Advanced Water Technology, is the first desalination plant in the world to be powered by solar energy and is a milestone in the quest for sustainable solutions in the field of water management. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, it is just a few kilometres from the border with Kuwait and is designed to produce 60,000 m3/day of desalinated seawater using a reverse osmosis process, to supply the town of Al-Khafji. A 20 MW photovoltaic plant will be built about 2 km from the desalination plant on a 90 ha site, making this the world’s first large-scale desalination plant powered autonomously by solar energy. The plant design, construction and commissioning works...

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TYPSA to design new Metro in Stockholm

TYPSA has been commissioned to design an 11-kilometre long underground metro line from Kungsträdgården to Nacka and Gullmarsplan in Stockholm. This is TYPSA’s first contract in Sweden and represents an important milestone in the firm’s current international strategy. TYPSA is a global authority in the metropolitan railway sector and will contribute its broad international experience to this project, helping to improve public transport in Stockholm. The contract, commissioned by Stockholm County Council, is valued at an estimated 60 million euros. The assignment, which are being carried out in Joint Venture with the Swedish consulting engineering company Sweco, includes the planning and design of the new 11-kilometre long underground rail line, which will run in a rock tunnel underneath the Saltsjön Sea from Kungsträdgården to Nacka and Gullmarsplan. The commission also includes the design of five new stations. TYPSA will provide a wide range of expertise in areas spanning architecture, underground...

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