What we do

Water Engineering and Management

Water is an essential and scarce resource, and its management is a complex task that involves and connects with a multitude of branches of knowledge. The evidence on climate change and its consequences presents a challenge for the planning and design of new water infrastructure, which requires a holistic approach in which aspects such as water security and resilience are key.

We not only work with a number of different types of water-related infrastructure, but also offer the services associated with the entire lifecycle: planning, design, construction supervision and maintenance.

Focused on sustainability, our human resources and technical tools enable us to rigorously address a wide variety of disciplines. Our staff comprises international experts in hydrology, hydraulics, territorial planning, agronomy and irrigation, dams, hydromechanics, electricity, economy and finance, as well as cross-cutting disciplines such as geotechnics, structures, and of course the environment.

  • Integrated technical, social, economic and environmental studies

  • Regional and national river basin management plans

  • Drought plans, flood studies and flood risk management plans

  • Climate change impacts

  • River space management and warning systems

  • Consultancy studies, feasibility, tender or detail engineering studies

  • Construction control

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Operational testing

  • Operation and maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Operation
Rafael López
Head of Division