What we do


We build on existing expertise by bringing new technologies and solutions to clients, hotel chains and owners, achieving comfort and functionality while streamlining each hotel and making it unique.

  • Awareness of hotel business requirements and a knowledge of the appropriate building typologies, from urban business hotels to luxury.
  • Working as a team with world-class architects, hospitality specialists, hotel chains and investors.
  • Delivering services from initial feasibility studies to FF&E, commissioning and opening.
  • Latest energy- and fluid-saving technologies, enhancing functionality and excellence.
  • International standard supplied when working with different hotel chains located all around the world.
  • Designing to meet cost constraints and deadlines.
  • Specialised expertise aligned with new ways of travelling, adding extra value to the luxury and comfort of hotels and creating the wowfactor at a reasonable price.
Salvador Fernández
Head of Division

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