Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission, Vision and Values

TYPSA Group’s track record reveals a constant pursuit of excellence driven by a determination to optimise client value without wavering from a commitment to social development, sustainability and a better quality of life.

Furthermore, TYPSA is aware of the demands of today’s society, which categorically rejects questionable management and dishonest or unethical behaviour. TYPSA Group therefore ensures its Mission, Vision and Values align with its Social Responsibilities to its main stakeholders.


TYPSA’s Mission is to create, design and develop the most appropriate and effective engineering and architectural solutions, assuring quality, excellence, and a constant commitment to client satisfaction. We believe in what we do and in what we offer. We endeavour to generate profit and benefits for our clients, for the company, for our shareholders and for all the people involved in the Group’s organisation and operation, adhering to sustainable development principles and contributing to the common good of society.


TYPSA’s Vision as an engineering firm is to lead the national and international field in civil engineering, buildings, the environment and renewable energy. To this end, we deliver excellence, competent original and professional services, quality, and a commitment to society and the environment.




Honesty, honour, integrity and loyalty, upholding our good corporate reputation through professionalism, responsibility and a commitment to our stakeholders.



Leadership, through continuous improvement and constant development, delivering accuracy, reliability and skill in everything we do.



Pursuit of excellence, by assuring the quality of our products and processes and promoting innovation in the search for solutions with high added value.



Independence, enabling us to make our own decisions, guarantee we fulfil our commitments, take full responsibility for our actions, and focus exclusively on our client relationships.



Permanence, underpinned by financial strength, a well-adjusted structure and our ability to meet all our challenges.



Social and environmental responsibility, with a high regard for social well-being, constantly present in our work and in the end-product.


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