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Forensic Engineering: Building pathology and rehabilitation

The Group delivers architectural and structural forensic studies through its subsidiary INTEMAC. Using highly accurate methods and precision testing equipment INTEMAC provides forensic engineering services to insurance companies, expert witnesses, developers, construction companies and law firms.

INTEMAC offers a comprehensive, independent service with its own extraordinarily well-equipped laboratory and teams specifically trained in forensic testing.

Afterdiagnosing the origin of the damage or defects, the necessary repair and/or strengtheningsolutions are designed to restore the asset’s safety, functionality and durability. Management or technical support services subsequentlyimplement. the solutionsdesigned

  • Building inspections prior to adjacent construction works.
  • Reports on the origin and extent of damage caused by natural phenomena (earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis).
  • Reports on the origin and extent of damage caused by accidents or terrorist attacks.
  • Fire vulnerability studies. Technical support for improvements in fire insulation. Earthquake vulnerability studies. Repair/strengthening designs for regulatory compliance.
  • Studies on refurbishment constraints. Building rehabilitation/strengthening design. Expert reports to settle claims during the construction process or during the life of the structure.
  • Reports on the lifecycle and durability of structures. Bridge inventories and principal and special inspections. Bridge rehabilitation/strengthening designs.
  • Asset (bridges, tanks, etc.) management systems. Preparation of maintenance plans.
  • R&D support to companies for studies and tests of all kinds.
  • Monitoring the evolution of cracks and other damages. Bridge rehabilitation/strengthening projects.
  • Proyectos de rehabilitación/refuerzo de puentes. Drafting of maintenance plans.
  • I+D+i. Support to companies for the realisation of studies and trials of all kinds.
  • Monitoring the evolution ofdamage,cracks,etc.
Raúl Rodríguez
Head of Division


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