What we do

High-Rise buildings

TYPSA has designed numerous high-rise buildings, optimising proposed structural typologies and MEP and telecommunications systems to meet the challenges that these buildings pose by offering innovative solutions while preserving the highest safety standards.

  • Multidisciplinary approach to tall building design, a discipline requiring complex technical coordination.
  • Complex geotechnical models to optimise foundation solutions according to the location.
  • Defining and developing MEP designs according to the specific characteristics of the functional and spatial programme, and floor grouping.
  • Defining sustainable solutions built into the configuration of the tower and its architectural design trending towards the slimmest shapes.
  • Analysing and defining fire safety strategies.
  • Studies to design vertical transport.
  • CFD studies to define the structure.
  • Wind tunnel testing of boundary layers to define and optimise structural designs and façades.
  • Traffic studies to ensure tower accessibility (for users and supplies) and determine their impact on the environment.
Salvador Fernández
Head of Division