What we do

Statistics, services and land management

Our subsidiary TEyS (TYPSA Estadística y Servicios) delivers our services in statistics, institutional support, resource management, IT development and land management. Working as an independent unit, TEyS manages a multidisciplinary workforce of up to 500 people simultaneously engaged in different projects.

The main activity areas are:

Integral data management for large sets of statistics, reports, and quantitative and qualitative studies through data collection and field measurements, applying focus group or in-depth interview methods, among others. Data collection and measurement are also used for service quality audits and checks.

  • Designing and performing statistical operations.
  • Multi-platform statistical methods for data collection – CATI, CAWI, CAPI, MCAPI or PAPI.
  • Software development for proprietary data collection applications.
  • Market research and public opinion surveys.
  • Mystery shopping.
  • Research using Delphi method.
  • Design and development of censuses and directories.
  • Process and service quality control.

TEyS offers a wide range of services to public institutions, such as archive management, public management audit and control, institutional support in administrative processes, technical and economic audits, land, concession and infrastructure inventories, movable and immovable property inventories and comprehensive property and rights acquisition management, providing fair value and compensation assessments.

Collaboration agreements are in place for radar manufacture and marketing, and other approved elements for monitoring and controlling vehicle traffic, which include concessions or contracts for O&M with the field’s main management bodies.

  • Administrative management and document processing.
  • Preparation and management of georeferenced inventories.
  • Comprehensive management of land acquisition cases.
  • Movable and immovable property inventories.
  • Computer software development for proprietary data collection applications.
  • Public management audits and control.
  • Cadastral/land registry services.
  • Floating car data services for average speed measurements.

Consulting services, legal and accounting advice and administrative support to public bodies, including on-site microcomputing services.

Technical people management support to TYPSA’s divisions and departments, focusing mainly on architecture, engineering, CAD and document control.

  • Public sector consulting services.
  • Technical public procurement support.
  • Technical advisory services for optimising economic and human resource areas.
  • Microcomputing support.
  • Technical people management for TYPSA – engineers, architects, CAD technicians and document controllers.
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