What we do

Agricultural engineering and rural development

Scientific and technological know-how must be applied to rural and agricultural development without losing sight of either the economic and social framework or the premise of sustainability. All these factors play a decisive role in making the agricultural sector more competitive to achieve higher production yields, contributing to local economic and social development.

TYPSA harnesses the specific skills needed to provide technologically advanced solutions tailored to each project. In addition to designing the infrastructure required for agricultural development, the Group conducts studies and provides services that support the sector, its value chain and food security, considering products in terms of the whole lifecycle, from the production process to consumption, in pursuit of the best added value.

  • Physical environment and agrarian structure studies.
  • Technical-economic feasibility studies.
  • Urban irrigation design.
  • Definition and implementation of Rural Development Programmes.
  • Economic and sectoral studies (quantitative and qualitative analysis).
  • Technical assistance to site management.
  • Agricultural sector support services (value chain, food security).
Rafael López
Head of Division