What we do

Retail / Leisure

Retailis a changing concept. Our extensive experience in redefining retail premises enables us to create consumer-friendly spaces in tune with the customer’s needs and expectations, providing familiar shapes, locations and concepts that are largely influenced by the leisure economy and smart city.

Designing and managing all types of commercial spaces: shopping centres, retail parks, markets, leisure parks.

We are committed to environmentally-sensitive designs and management services to attain the highest levels of sustainability acknowledged through LEED, BREEAM and other certifications.

  • Proactive management working with developers, architects and retailers throughout the project life-cycle.
  • Value engineering from concept to delivery.
  • 360º multidisciplinary approach with services ranging from fire engineering, pedestrian flow simulations and building services to transport planning or detailed architecture.
  • BIM methodology facilitating collaborative work environments for all those involved.
  • Tenants’ works coordination.
Salvador Fernández
Head of Division

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