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Construction laboratory

TYPSA Group’s subsidiary, INTEMAC, operates a laboratory focused on delivering a complete range of construction services. Endorsed by over 50 years’ experience, the lab is accredited by Spain’s official National Accreditation body, ENAC (technical annex No 25 LE 039).

The Laboratory has the capacity to carry out all kinds of tests to characterise and evaluate materials and structural components. Services are provided to manufacturers of both specialised and more common construction products, such as cement, aggregates, steel, mortars, concrete, prefabricated materials, ceramics and stone, as well as to construction companies, owners, technologists and specifiers who need to verify the quality, life cycle or durability of these products.

In addition, the INTEMAC lab is equipped for soil and rock mechanics testing and has an expert team of geologists and engineers to conduct highly complex geotechnical studies. Portable non-destructive testing equipment enables the team to carry out tests anywhere in the world, supporting forensic engineering and building pathology work where needed.

INTEMAC alsocarriesoutStructuralHealthMonitoring (SHM), to monitorstructuralbehaviourand compliancewiththe specificationsset out in the relevant maintenance plan.

  • Special concrete mix design and dosage studies.
  • Structural component tests (purlins, beams, pillars, footings, slabs, beam-column joints, etc.).
  • Non-destructive testing (sclerometer, ultrasonic, impact-echo, young´s module, flat jack tests, etc.).
  • Static and dynamic load tests.
  • Accelerated ageing tests. Durability and life cycle tests for structural and architectural materials.
  • Structural monitoring.
  • Greenhouse gas emission control.
  • I+D+i. R&D support to companies for all kinds of testing. Technical support for new material and product design. Soil and rock mechanics tests. Geotechnical studies.
  • Soil and rock mechanics tests. Geotechnical studies.
  • Concrete and its constituent material performance testing (steel, cement, admixtures, aggregates, additives).
  • Concrete deterioration diagnosis (steel reinforcement corrosion, deterioration due to alkali-aggregate reactions, sulphate or aggressive water attack …).
  • Studies into the causes of deterioration of stone or ceramic façades and the effectiveness of applicable repair or protection systems.
Pedro López
Head of Division


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