What we do


We leverage the ideas and experiences of our business group when planning our strategy to address new urban challenges generated by the growth and regeneration of sustainable, global and smart cities.

We design a response at different scales and for diverse sectors of activity to address the urbanisation process of both consolidated and emerging cities, providing solutions for urban design, mobility, infrastructure, buildings, sustainability, energy and the urban economy.

We develop projects for an increasingly structured and vibrant society, where mixed-use spaces, areas of centrality, residential and commercial zones, public amenities and large, open landscapes, all shape new territories.

Tacklingthe four urban trends:

  • Revitalised central districts and transport nodes.
  • Large-scale urban, residential and commercial land use.
  • The new urban agenda.
  • Smart cities.

Participating across the whole cycle from planning and design to the comprehensive management of urban schemes focusing on teams, times and costs, working with public and private agents.

Applying smartcriteria and software for project management and maintenance on different scales: geographic information systems, traffic modelling, BIM, water and energy management and Big Data.

Responding to the challenges of emerging cities and welcoming the opportunity to address social rebalance with public and private participation.

Salvador Fernández
Head of Division

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