What we do


Over the last 15 years, TYPSA has been involved in the design and construction of:

km of tunnel

More than

km of tunnel per year
km of TBM tunnel
km of urban transportation tunnels

TYPSA has a wealth of experience in large international underground projects, especially in complex geotechnical conditions and urban areas. Our strong multidisciplinary teams address tunnel design by leveraging their proven experience in soil and rock mechanics, tunnel engineering, BIM and comprehensive 2D and 3D numerical and geometric modelling tools.

Our teams of geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers conduct intensive fieldwork campaigns to characterise the surroundings and geological and hydrogeological constraints, building a solid base for effective risk management. Subsequently, support systems, waterproofing solutions and construction procedures, including the tunnelling methods and temporary works, can all be efficiently defined.

TYPSA is an active member of the most relevant industry forums and associations such as AETOS (Spanish Tunnelling and Underground Works Association), BTS (British Tunnelling Society), PIARC (World Road Association), ITA (International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association) and TAC (Tunnelling Association of Canada).

Santiago Ortega
Head of Division
Pedro Ramírez
Technical Advisor