TYPSA Foundation and UPM win a major award for their Mahagi University Project

TYPSA Foundation for Development is proud to have won the 2020 Social Responsibility Award from the Madrid Delegation of the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers, for the Creation and Development of the Lake Albert University (UNILAC) Project in Mahagi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Foundation shares the award with its project-partner, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

The TYPSA Foundation has focused all its efforts on UNILAC since 2008 to create a university from scratch. Today, that university has more than 400 students, half of which study subjects in the faculties of Civil and Agricultural Engineering. Furthermore, they study in a location where there is no other centre for higher education within a radius of 1,000 km.

At first, the TYPSA Foundation concentrated its support on the construction of the buildings. Later, however, it turned its efforts to developing teaching at the Civil and Agricultural Engineering Faculties and to improving other infrastructure such as the university access road and the drinking water supply system. UNILAC will become financially independent within a few years allowing the TYPSA Foundation to devote its aid to other, no-less important, aspects, such as improving the quality of teaching and helping its graduates join the job market.

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