TYPSA advises the Government of Peru on Water Resources Plan and Programme financing

Peru’s National Water Authority, through its Water Resources Management Modernisation Project Executing Unit, has awarded TYPSA the contract to provide advisory services to strengthen and implement financing mechanisms for programmes and projects in the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan at river basin level.

Financed with a World Bank loan, the contract sets out to enhance the capacities of the responsible institutions. Advisory and training services will be provided to the management agencies of 6 pilot basins located along the Pacific coast of Peru to achieve environmentally sustainable water use and ensure integrated and participatory management.

TYPSA is acting as strategic advisor to the National Water Authority and to the Puyango-Tumbes, Chira-Piura, Chancay-Lambayeque, Chancay-Huaral, Quilca-Chili and Locumba-Tacna River Basin Councils, to strengthen and implement financing mechanisms for the priority programmes and projects in their respective plans.

“Implementing financing mechanisms for Water Resources Management Plans”

Specialists in water resources planning and management and public participation from TYPSA Peru are working on the study together with Infrastructure Advisory Division specialists in infrastructure financing. The contract’s specific goals are to:

  • define the financing strategies for existing Basin Plans;
  • build the River Basin Councils’ operational capacity and knowledge of financing mechanisms and sources;
  • identify existing national and international financing sources and mechanisms to achieve the implementation of priority programmes and projects;
  • design financial and fiscal mechanisms to finance these programmes and projects.
José Cordovilla
Head of Infrastructure Advisory Services

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