Dam safety management of Ebro River Basin Authority state-owned dam

Article 33.2 of the Spanish Technical Regulations on Dam and Reservoir Safety requires the dam Operations Manager to draw up an annual report on the results of inspections and monitoring. The report must include any defects observed and the corrective actions proposed.

To meet this requirement, TYPSA was engaged to carry out the visits and inspections of the 54 state-owned Ebro River Basin Authority dams and prepare the report containing the results. The report is required to cover visual inspections, observations and reviews carried out on the civil works, the reservoir surroundings and the drainage systems. In addition, it must take into account the equipment, systems and monitoring and any particular incidents that occurred in the period. The report will present conclusions on the condition and performance of the dams and reservoirs, identifying the deficiencies observed and proposing appropriate corrective actions.

The report will also include any major actions performed on the dams, their drainage systems, reservoirs or ancillary structures to comply with the Maintenance Plan or to address any other situation that may have arisen.

Pedro Rivas
Area Manager – Aragón

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