Double recognition to TYPSA for its contribution to the development of the High Speed Railway in Galicia

The High Speed access to Galicia has been recognised by both the Fundación Caminos, in collaboration with the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers with the 10th edition of the Segovia Aqueduct Award for Public Works and the Environment, and by the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers in Galicia with the 12th edition of the San Telmo award. 

Under the name “High Speed Access to Galicia, bringing territories closer together”, both institutions have awarded the impressive work, for its magnitude, and ability to bridge distances, crossing mountains and mountain ranges of such a complex massif as that of the central region of Orense. A safe, sustainable, fast and reliable means of transport has been made available to the citizens, connecting Madrid – Castilla y León with Galicia, and the journey time between Madrid – Orense has been reduced from 4 hours and 22 minutes by traditional rail to 2 hours and 15 minutes by high-speed train. 

The award recognises TYPSA’s merits for all its contributions throughout the history of this long project, with special mention for the construction project of the sections: Ourense-Santiago (Ourense-Lalin subsection), Zamora- Lubián (Cernadilla-Pedralba de la Pradería subsection) and Lubián-Ourense (Cerdedelo-Riobó subsection) totaling 45 km. 

Also of relevance is the construction supervision carried out, the highlights of which include: 

  • The section from Madrid to Segovia (subsection of 28 km Soto del Real-Segovia) includes one of the two Guadarrama tunnel tubes. 
  • Railway infrastructure on the Segovia-Valdestillas subsection. 110 km. 
  • The 6.4 km Padornelo tunnel on the Olmedo-Medina-Zamora-Puebla de Sanabria-Lubian-Ourense stretch, the Porto-Miaman subsection with the 1.8 km Seiro tunnel and the Miaman-Ponte Ambia subsection.  
  • The track assembly for the 56.2 km section from Pedralba de la Praderia (Zamora) – Campobecerros (Ourense) 
  • Urban integration and upgrade of the Orense Railway Network on section Taboadela – Rante tunnel, highlighting the 3.4 km tunnel. 

 The San Telmo Award also recognises TYPSA for providing supervision of the works along the line and particularly in track assembly for the 56.2 km section from Pedralba de la Pradería (Zamora) – Campobecerros (Ourense). 

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