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Middle East and South & Central Asia

TYPSA Group’s activity in the Middle East goes back to 1972 when TYPSA secured its first contract in Kuwait. Since then the company has enjoyed uninterrupted activity in the region. In 1978, the Saudi Arabian Management Area was set up, which now has more than 40 years’ experience in both civil and mechanical engineering, town planning and architecture. Our increased activity in Saudi Arabia, as well as important prospects in the area, called for the establishment of a local company and TYPSA KSA was founded with headquarters in Jeddah.

In May 2005 the United Arab Emirates Management Area was born in response to the development of infrastructure in the Emirate and the growing market demand for services.

TYPSA is participating in important infrastructure contracts in Pakistan and has recently started working in other countries in the area, such as Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and Kuwait.

TYPSA broke into the market in South Asia when it started working in Nepal in 1996, and is now well established in the region, with permanent offices in New Delhi (India) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

Antonio Rodríguez
Regional Director

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