Saudi Arabia

Framework Agreement for 26 wastewater treatment and desalination plants


Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC)



Construction budget

USD 8,800 million

Key facts

Beneficiary population: 20 million (supply to 15 million and wastewater treatment for 5 million).

Concession for the construction and operation of desalination and water treatment systems based on public-private partnerships:
14 desalination plants with a total production capacity of almost 6 million m3/day. Three plants will achieve a net capacity of 600,000 m3 per day per unit (Jubail 3A, Jubail 3B and Rabigh 4).
12 wastewater treatment projects, to implement a treatment capacity of nearly 1.5 million m3/day. One of the treatment plants will achieve a capacity of 375,000 m3 per day. (Medinah 3).

Desalination: reverse osmosis, combined in some cases with photovoltaic plants to reduce specific energy consumption
Wastewater treatment: innovative systems such as Nereda technology or continuous flow SBR will be used, introducing cogeneration systems in some plants to obtain better energy efficiency and consumption.


Detailed design review and construction supervision.

Desalination and wastewater treatment plants in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Government has embarked on an ambitious project to ensure drinking water supply and wastewater treatment across large parts of the country, seeking...


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