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TYPSA in Society

TYPSA Group’s people contribute more than just the technical input implicit in their professional activity. They are actively involved in the company’s relationships with society through different spheres of business, science and education. This input is articulated through multiple channels and can be appreciated on a day-to-day basis.

Associations and institutional presence

TYPSA Group and Education

The close partnerships TYPSA Group has formed over the years with technical departments at Spain’s top universities are the result of its active commitment to the profession and to the future. The company participates in teaching activities as well as student orientation programmes to raise awareness of the consulting engineering profession. Many TYPSA Group people are involved, giving their time to lecture at national and international universities. 

A good example of our co-operation with academia is the agreement we signed with the UPM School of Civil Engineering in Madrid, to set up the “TYPSA – PABLO BUENO HARBOUR RESEARCH UNIT” for advancing knowledge and research in Maritime Engineering, in Ports and Coasts, and in Marine Energy.

FIDEX Forum for Engineering Excellence

TYPSA formed FIDEX, Foro para la Ingeniería de Excelencia (Forum for Engineering Excellence) together with ten major consulting engineering firms in January 2012. The association was born out of the founders’ common concern for the situation of the engineering sector in general, and of the civil engineering sector in particular. Thus, the founding firms decided to join forces in the pursuit of quality in professional engineering services with a shared vision to address the imperative need to achieve excellence in planning, studies, projects and design, construction monitoring and infrastructure operation and maintenance management.

FIDEX seeks to promote professional engineering services piloted and controlled by multi-disciplinary, reliable and experienced teams with the technical ability to guarantee an optimum return on investment and the ambition to achieve the highest quality, delivered in a spirit of public service and rewarded with the appropriate remuneration.

The forum specifically aims to foster quality in engineering, to foment innovation in management techniques and models and to promote social responsibility and sustainable infrastructure. FIDEX was set up to inform public opinion on the technical advances in the sector and support government agencies to improve infrastructure quality and efficiency. Leading the internationalisation of Spanish engineering, FIDEX helps publicise Marca España (Spain Brand) and defends fair competition, on equal terms, with large multinational engineering firms in the international market.

TYPSA created the Fundación TYPSA para la Cooperación (TYPSA Foundation for Development) in support of its Corporate Social Responsibility commitment in October 2008. The Foundation was registered as a Charity at the Ministry of Culture (Official Spanish Gazette, 16/12/2008) and is registered as a Non-Governmental Development Organisation (NGDO) at the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

The Foundation was created to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in disadvantaged communities by providing resources to help people create the capacity to develop on their own. To this end, the TYPSA Foundation for Development receives 0.7% of the Group’s profit every year. The Foundation’s activities include the construction of a University for civil and agricultural engineers in Mahagi (Democratic Republic of the Congo).


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