River engineering for flood control and actions in vulnerable river basins

Peru is located in a region where the topography, climate and geology vary considerably and it is highly exposed to the risk of natural disasters, which, due to climate change, are steadily increasing both in intensity and frequency. The ‘El Niño’ phenomenon generates extreme precipitation events that invariably lead to severe flooding.

The rivers on the Peruvian Pacific slope do not have sufficient capacity to contain the extraordinary flows produced by floods, which, coupled with a lack of early warning systems, frequently result in numerous human and material losses.

TYPSA, in coordination with the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC), is preparing detailed engineering designs for reconstruction projects to repair damages and implement the necessary protection measures to provide solutions for the vulnerable sectors affected.

The result is the design and implementation of an integrated stormwater management system that combines the capacity of natural watercourses in the upper, middle and lower watersheds with the associated drainage systems. Rainwater and river flows can thus be successfully and safely discharged into the sea, preventing damage to material assets and risk to human lives and generating resilient and sustainable water infrastructure.

Projects are in progress on several rivers, namely along 77 km of the Casma River, and on the Huarmey (50 km), Cañete (31 km) and Huaura (18 km) Rivers. Construction includes defence systems such as rocks, gabion walls, riverbank reforestation and other protection techniques, designed for return periods between 50 and 200 years, depending on whether they are in rural or urban areas. Associated public spaces (viewpoints, riverside forests) are also being created as well as solutions to provide connectivity with neighbouring urban areas, landscapes and archaeological sites.

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