Saudi Arabia



FAST Consortium – Metro Riyadh Alliance.



Construction budget

EUR 7,800 million

Key facts

Lines 4, 5 and 6. Project length: 65 km. 11 underground stations and 17 at-grade stations. 2 depots. 26.6 km of tunnel.

Line 5: 13.2 km, with 12 km of single tube tunnel excavated with TBM, 860 m of C&C tunnel, 11 deeps underground stations, 11 ancillary shafts, connections with lines 1 and 2 and an underground depot with 260 m in width and 400 m in length.

Construction method: EPB TBM with rock capabilities and 10 m of excavation diameter.

Geology: Limestones, breccia and calcarenite with karst development. Anthropogenic fill and paleostreams filled with granular water bearing soil.


Preliminary design and detailed design for D&B contract. Structures, M&E, architecture, civil works and landscaping. Coordination of the geotechnical and tunnel design of the three lines. Environmental integration under Saudi environmental legislation, and in accordance with the recommendations of the corresponding Environmental Impact Assessment. Noise and vibration study, and final design of mitigation measures.