Ministry of Regional Development Authorities (MoRDA).



Construction budget

EUR 1,400 million.

Key facts

Multiple cascade hydropower plant with 3 dams, and 3 hydroelectric power stations with a total power of 180 MW (Oletukat: a 150 m high rock-fill dam with an impervious clay core, 36 MW power plant, 2 Francis turbines; Leshota : 54 m high double curvature vault dam, 54 MW power plant, 3 Pelton turbines; Oldorko : 35 m high concrete gravity dam, 90 MW power plant, 3 Pelton turbines). 5 hydraulic tunnels (total length 30 km) 187 km of electricity lines and 175 km of new roads. 6,800 ha irrigated land. 2,350 ha reforested land. Water supply for a population equivalent of 350,000. Development of 3 new tourism areas (eco-lodges).


Feasibility study, preliminary design, EIA, detailed design and tender documents. Feasibility study on irrigation downstream of the dams. Soil potential for irrigation (USBR); 71 trial pits and 450 lab tests. Hydraulic soil characterisation (seepage and permeability). Geological and geotechnical studies, including site investigation. Socio-economic study (cost-benefit), financial evaluation of the dam project and its agricultural sub-projects, and project structuring. Environmental and social impact study obtaining statutory approval. Design of compensatory measures for environmental and social impact. Public participation process and re-settlement programme.


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