Hortolândia Urban Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Programme

Hortolândia is a municipality located about 100 km west of the city of São Paulo, with an approximate population of 235,000 inhabitants. It has great potential for economic development, with over 500 industries, mainly in the technology sector, qualifying it as a candidate to become the Brazilian ‘Silicon Valley’.   

Hortolândia’s Urban Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Programme aims to implement public policies to improve the quality of life of the population and eliminate disparities among the different sectors of the population in aspects such as environmental, mobility, education, culture, leisure and safety. The projects are interconnecting with other social, urban and environmental policies with a 30-year timeline. Through the Programme, the City Council has been investing in infrastructure and services since 2019 to restructure the road system and modernize the city. These initiatives are funded by the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), as well as funds provided by the federal and state governments. The investments include more than 100 projects and actions to transform Hortolândia and open up new routes in the city. 

ENGECORPS has been supervising the programme’s works since March 2020, verifying and certifying the contractors’ measurements for the execution of the works, performing quality, environmental and occupational health and safety inspections, and monitoring the physical and financial progress of the contracts under its responsibility. Due to the number of ongoing contracts and their spatial distribution throughout the municipality, the use of TYPSA’s BIM-PM System is proving to be essential for the successful performance of ENGECORPS teams and for the proper monitoring of the services provided by the construction companies. Over the course of more than three years, approximately 13,500 documents have been generated, including daily and monthly progress reports, photographs, and quality, health and safety and environmental inspection sheets. These documents are created and stored with TYPSA’s BIM-PM system, both through the mobile application and the web system. 

Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Inspections 

The use of the mobile application allows inspections to be carried out simultaneously by the different ENGECORPS teams. The inspection sheets are adapted to the needs of the City Council and address the specific aspects related to each service, depending on its characteristics: earthworks, paving, drainage, channeling and concrete structures, among others, as well as health and safety and environmental aspects. To date, more than 1,000 inspections have been carried out in the three disciplines mentioned above. 

Control of Incidents and Nonconformities 

During this period, ENGECORPS has carried out over one hundred notifications of non-conformities to the companies executing the works. Incidents are reported in the field by the supervision teams in all disciplines, thus facilitating a collaborative environment between the various workers, whether from the contractors, the City Council itself or ENGECORPS. In this way, problems are proactively identified and, if corrective measures are needed, they can be carried out in accordance with the supervisor’s guidelines. This action brings clear benefits in the relationship between the parties involved and in the prevention of problems. 

Main achievements and innovations implemented by ENGECORPS 

One of the main innovations incorporated by ENGECORPS is the integration between the data stored in TYPSA BIM-PM and Power BI. Given the peculiarities of the system, the data is stored in a standardized and traceable way, with agility, efficiency and effectiveness, allowing managers to receive reliable information in a short period of time. Another aspect that can be incorporated into the reports is the control of incidents which, once the standardized coding has been established, allows the automatic processing of the annotations made on the inspection sheets and the generation of control reports.   

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the support provided by TYPSA’s development team, not only in this project but also in all the others carried out by ENGECORPS in Brazil, which also use TYPSA’s BIM-PM System. 

Mauricio Cardoso / Francisco Martins

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