Detailed design of the bypass in Olot, Girona

TYPSA is starting work on the detailed design of the C-37 road which will bypass the towns of Les Preses and Olot in Girona. This 11 km bypass includes a 2.5 km tunnel and will allow some 20,000 vehicles to avoid Les Preses and Olot town centres every day.

The project was contracted by the Regional Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya) and the construction budget is expected to be 235 million euros.

There are several protected areas of natural interest in the project vicinity, such as La Garrotxa volcanic area, which the road crosses through a 2.5 km two-way tunnel, and the River Fluvià, bridged by a viaduct approximately 420 m in length. The project also passes through important agricultural and wildlife areas, involving the design of at least three ecoducts (underground cut & cover tunnels) each about 900 m long. The environmental importance of the area requires part of the road to be designed under landscape integration criteria.

Connections with existing urban roads on the last section of the bypass make it necessary to design a section underground, running about 400 m under existing roads.

Moreover, since the road runs parallel and close to the Fluvià and Ridaura rivers, flood risk verification is also essential.

Jordi Pradas Brun
Technical Operations Director, Catalonia

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