Tren Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Tren Maya, Mayan Train, is an ambitious railway project that will deliver a modern, safe, sustainable and energy efficient transport system to enhance tourism and industrial development in the Yucatan Peninsula. It will connect the region’s main economic and tourism hubs with the rest of the country fostering the use of the area’s resources and providing a backbone for the regional transport system.

With 29 stations, the project extends along 1,500 km that run round the peninsula and across five states. Designed for mixed passenger and freight traffic, operations are planned to begin in 2024.

One of the main targets is to set up a region-wide transport network, implementing measures to prevent, mitigate and offset any potential environmental impacts triggered by the project itself or accumulated from other previous infrastructure works. In addition, it seeks to promote the economic development of indigenous communities while enabling them to maintain their ancestral traditions.

“Integration and economic growth of the Yucatan peninsula with the utmost respect for the environment”

In parallel, the Tren Maya seeks to boost urban development in the vicinity of the new stations and improve the areas surrounding the existing ones, creating economic development poles and conveying a more modern image to the outside world while furthering international promotion.

In a first phase, TYPSA delivered technical advisory services for the entire project and supervised the preliminary engineering design of the 7 sections. Currently, our teams are providing construction project management services for the design and construction of the 1,043 km of sections 1 to 5, including technical, legal and economic project structuring, tendering support, management of the final design and construction and supervision of the works.

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