Teknés Innovation S.L becomes part of the TYPSA Group

Teknés Innovation S.L, a company specialised in monitoring structures and geotechnical surveying, becomes part of the TYPSA Group.

INTEMAC, a subsidiary of the Group dedicated to quality control of projects, materials, and execution of works, as well as conducting studies on building pathology and rehabilitation, successfully completed the acquisition of a majority stake in the company Teknés Innovation S.L in December 2023. 

With 15 years of experience, Teknés Innovation S.L. brings with it a high level of expertise in structural monitoring and geotechnical surveying, and above all, advanced technology in instrumentation, telecommunications, and software. Such resources have helped to position it as leader in monitoring the highest number of viaducts, bridges, and tunnels in Spain in recent years. Currently, Teknés Innovation S.L. monitors more than 30 critical structures, controlling more than 2,000 sensors, and has an annual income of EUR 2.4 million. 

Infrastructures are a great asset of our society and continuous effort is required for their efficient management and maintenance. The application of emerging technologies, such as sensors and digital twins, to monitor the status of critical infrastructures is extremely important to ensure public safety, operational efficiency and societal resilience, as well as avoiding devastating costs and consequences associated with potential failures. 

Recent studies predict that the global market for infrastructure monitoring services will increase annually by 14.5% in the coming years, from USD 1,700 million in 2021 to USD 3,800 million in 2027. The main reasons for this growth include the ageing of the global infrastructure and buildings stock, a better understanding of the risks to life and capital due to catastrophic infrastructure failures, automation and standardisation in infrastructure maintenance and repair, combined with a decreasing cost of monitoring and surveying technologies, and the emergence of new and stricter regulations regarding the sustainability of infrastructure and buildings worldwide. 

Teknés Innovation S.L. will keep its name within the Group, as well as its organisational structure and headquarters in Asua-Erandio, Bizkaia, and will continue to be led by the same technicians that have been fundamental in its growth, namely CEO and Managing Director, Victor José García Martín and Technical Director, Jorge López Tamames. 

With this acquisition, the TYPSA Group makes a significant technological leap, incorporating new capabilities for the capture of data of structural and geotechnical behaviour together with plans to generate synergies, thanks to the combined efforts of specialists throughout the complete cycle of management and analysis of digital information regarding the state of buildings and infrastructures. Simultaneously, the Group’s extensive national and international network will be used to expand the business of both INTEMAC and Teknés Innovation S.L. A milestone that strengthens the technical and technological solvency of the TYPSA Group. 

Jorge Ley
Managing Director INTEMAC

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