Hubei province, China

Yichang – Badong expressway


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Key facts

The Yichang – Badong expressway is a 180 km section of the Shanghai – Chengdu expressway. Most of the alignment runs through the Three Gorges National Park.

The expressway crosses a very hilly area with highly complex topographical and geotechnical conditions, including limestones, in which karstic phenomena have been detected, coal layers, granites, gneiss, argillite, gypsum and shales in a heavily tectonised zone.

The Expressway includes the design of 44 tunnels with a total length of over 60 km.


Technical Assistance to the financing institutions to analyse risks related to construction deadline and budget. Tunnel design review including the geotechnical profile, primary support, final lining, MEP equipment, life & safety strategy, and construction methods.