Progress in the Ursubil and Irun station works, Gipuzkoa

TYPSA has begun construction supervision consultancy and support services for the new Usurbil station and Irún station´s new passenger terminal, both located in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country.

Location of the New Usurbil Station and Irun works

New Usurbil station

The work to be carried out at Usurbil Station, located at P.K. 98+127 of the Bilbao-Donostia line, part of the Euskotren railway network, aims to improve the existing station access, enhancing comfort, safety and functionality. 

To this end, a project has been designed that includes the implementation of vertical infrastructures, such as elevators and pedestrian walkways, which will facilitate access to the new Usurbil station and the adjacent industrial estates, eliminating the current level crossings, thus improving the experience and safety of users. 

The daily passenger flow for the horizon year 2030 is estimated to be approximately 742.

New Usurbil Station Finalised Design

New Usurbil Station Lobby

Description of the works 

The works include a comprehensive overhaul of the tracks, the construction of a new building overhead, the reform of accesses and the development of the station surroundings. Key actions include: 

  • Two direct tracks and one siding track with a buffer stop at the end. 
  •  Side platforms for each of the main tracks. 
  • Two-storey building built with both platform and lobby adapted to relevant category new requirements. 
  • Connecting gateways between the town of Usurbil, the new station and the industrial estates. 
  • Redevelopment of the surroundings, which involves the renovation of the park adjacent to the station and replanting the area to reduce the visual impact of the project. 

The challenge lies in ensuring that the rail service continues to operate during the execution of the works. To this end, a carefully planned construction process has been designed in phases to allow the demolition, construction and renovation of the Usurbil station to be carried out without affecting travellers. 

The following actions were carried out: 

  • Diversion of affected services, such as water supply, power and telecommunications lines and others that affect the execution of the new station, as well as signalling, security and railway communication facilities. 

Diversion of signalling, safety and railway communication facilities

  • Installation of prefabricated frames in the culvert section followed by backfilling to ensure the passage of the train through said transverse structure. 

Prefabricated frame installation

  • Track superstructure renewal: repairing the existing trackbed, installations of new switches and points, as well as railway electrification.

Installation of points and subsequent levelling and alignment

TYPSA is part of the construction management of the new Usurbil station, which is scheduled in six construction phases. 

Phases 1 and 2 took place between April and November 2023. During this period, TYPSA provided supervision and monitoring support to the site manager, Fernando Véliz. This included the diversions of affected services, of signalling, safety and railway communication installations necessary to carry out the work, as well as actions in the track superstructure and railway electrification. All the actions being necessary to keep the rail service operational. 

At present, the work is in Phase 3, in which, on completion of all the works described above, the demolition of the existing north platform has begun to enable the construction of the new platform and interlocking room. This work is expected to be completed between July and August 2024 (phase 4). 

The construction works is overseen by the site manager in a global management role, and TYPSA provides the technical expertise of: Aitor López as head of the unit, Jose Ángel Jiménez as head of facilities, Diana Rubio as head of environment, Guillermo Salazar as BIM methodology advisor, together with several other specialised advisors.   

Irún Station New Passenger Building

Irun station is located at P.K. 639.4 of line 100 Madrid Chamartin-Irun/Hendaye, forming part of the ADIF railway network. The project aims to create a single passenger building to centralise utilities currently dispersed in different buildings around the rail yard, thus revitalising the surroundings and reducing the railway footprint in the city. 

In addition, this new building will connect the two sides of the rail yard, eliminating the existing gap and freeing up space by dismantling empty buildings. 

This project is expected to promote sustainable mobility and urban integration. 

Irún Station New Passenger Building

Description of the works 

The works include a comprehensive intervention of the rail yard, the construction of a new bridging passenger building, the development of the surroundings with the incorporation of parking area, a new technical bus building, as well as the execution of new traffic control and communication rooms. 

The main actions include: 

  • Demolition of the current local rail service building, as well as existing platforms and canopies.
  • Construction of the new passenger building consisting of two modules that extend over the roads, and which offer passenger services. This new building will house the main entrance, a mezzanine for offices and a first-floor lobby.
  • Building of new traffic control and communication rooms.
  • Execution of the technical bus building that will house customer service and sales points, as well as MEP systems (Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health) that will serve all of the station buildings, the development and adjacent parking area.
  • Redevelopment of the area, which will include the implementation of new car parks, wooded areas, modern urban elements, taxi stands, “kiss&ride” areas and bicycle stands, among others.

With all of these actions, the aim is to improve station functionality, strengthen its connection and enhance passenger comfort. 

Demolition works are currently under way affecting the local rail services building, a small booth next to the car park entrance and the canopies. 

Demolition of the local rail services building and canopies

It is expected that at the end of February the piling works will begin, which will allow for deep excavations using a pile screen. The purpose of this is to reach the final level of the foundations designated to support the future passenger building. 

TYPSA is part of the construction management of the passenger terminal at Irún station, which is scheduled in three construction phases. 

2024 commences with the first phase of the station transformation, marked by the start of demolition of the local rail services building. 

TYPSA will provide construction management support, with Ivan Gonzalez, site manager, and a structured technical team lead by Manuel Bendala, head of the support services unit, which includes: 

  • Technical office manager.
  • Land surveying teams.
  • Quality Manager.
  • Railway installation technicians.
  • BIM methodology staff.
  • Consultants specialised in the geology and geotechnics, unique structures, track assembly, control command and signage, architecture and other aspects under development in the project.
Aitor López Iglesias
Works Supervision

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