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I-15 Express Lanes Project in Riverside, California, USA

Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) and its partners in the project, the California Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, are carrying out substantial improvements on a stretch of Interstate Highway I-15, with a USD 471 million investment.

A design and build contract was awarded to a consortium comprising the construction companies Skanska and Ames, and the engineering firm AZTEC-TYPSA, which is responsible for carrying out the engineering design.

This highway is one of the USA’s major north-south routes. It crosses 6 states and is an essential truck/passenger route between the Canadian border, in the state of Montana, and southern California.

The project consists of the construction of two median express lanes (HOV lanes) in both directions, along a corridor approximately 14.6 miles long. This new highway configuration involves widening a total of 11 existing bridges and viaducts, one of them 560 m long, and implementing environmental measures such as noise reduction.

The new Express Lanes are expected to open in 2020.

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