Corporate Structure

The TYPSA Group is a matrix organization structured in specific business divisions, specialized technical departments and geographic areas. Every assignment is managed by an experienced Project Director.

In this way, with minimum hierarchical levels, highly qualified specialists and technicians apply their knowledge and experience to assignments in the different fields of activity of the company, offering multidisciplinary, innovative and creative solutions that always match the particular requirements of each case.

Board of Directors
Senior Management
  • Pablo Bueno Tomás
    President & CEO
  • Julio Grande Florez
    Deputy CEO
  • José Antonio Osuna Gómez
    Corporate Affairs
  • Miguel Mondría García
  • Rafael Morán Soto
    Transport Infrastucture
  • Israel Sanchez-Palomo
    Water Infrastructure
  • Antonio Capilla Matarredona
    Buildings and Cities
  • Jorge García Pérez
  • Pedro Gómez Prad
    International Affairs
  • Inés Férguson Vázquez de Parga
    Business Development
  • Richard Kerry
    Contracts Management – International
  • Fernando Ruiz Ruiz de Gopegui
    Environment & Energy
  • Juan Carlos Moncada Bueno
    Quality Management
  • Marta Bueno Tomás
    Accounting and Finance
  • Laura Bueno Tomás
    Personnel and Purchasing
  • Nicolás Rodríguez-Arias Ambrosini
  • Javier Segura Fontcuberta
    CFO and Administration
  • Dolores Bueno Tomás
    Legal Affairs
  • Paloma Bueno Tomás
    Corporate Communication
Regional Management
    • Spain and Portugal
      • Andalusia
        Salvador Doctor Cabrera
      • Aragon
        Miguel García Manzanos
      • Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Andorra
        Alejandro Masip Bodi
      • Valencia
        Javier Cordellat González
      • Basque Country
        Alesander Gallastegi Uriarte
      • Galicia
        Pablo López Fuentes
      • Murcia
        José Luis Calvo Rubí
      • Portugal/Tecnofisil
        Carlos Mira
      • Africa
        Patxi Urquijo

        • French-speaking Africa
          Luis M. Navarro
        • English-speaking Africa
          Patxi Urquijo
      • Southeast Asia / Pacific
        Jose Luis Arévalo

        • Australia
          Carmen Verdú
      • USA & Canada
        Rafael Valero

        • USA/AZTEC
          Scott Mckenzie
      • Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean
        Pablo Salazar
      • Brazil/ENGECORPS
        Afonso C. Marques
      • Europe
        Miriam Ruiz

        • United Kingdom & Ireland
          Joaquín Barba
        • Scandinavia
          Elena Miravalles
    • Middle East and South & Central Asia
      Antonio Castellanos

      • Saudi Arabia
        Carlos Martín
      • U.A.E.
        Ignacio Gefaell
      • Qatar
        Ignacio Pardo
      • Southern Asia
        Rafael Delgado
      • Central Asia
        Alejandro Martín
    • Airports
      Miguel Varas de Dios
    • Agricultural engineering
      Rafael López Manzano
    • Architecture & cities
      Salvador Fernández Fenollera
    • Project & construction management
      Elena Holgado Molina
    • Roads
      Francisco Silvestre Álvarez
    • Transport planning and economic studies
      José Laffond Yges
    • Infrastructure management
      Guillermo Albrecht Arquer
    • Railway systems
      Aitor Ezquerra Boado
    • Supervision of transport infrastructure works
      Ricardo Mendioroz Jauge
    • Land acquisition management
      Joaquín Bardají de la Torre
    • Ports and coasts
      David López Rivas
    • Urban water networks and treatment
      Eugenio Páez Pérez
    • Water management and hydraulic works
      Rafael López Manzano
    • Environmental consulting & assessment
      Vicente Romero Caballero
    • Lab
      Faustino Herrero Gómez
    • Wind energy
      Javier Ivars Salom
    • Solar & biomass energy
      Jaime Acebes Roldán
    • Hydroelectric energy
      Rafael López Manzano
    • Water quality
      Angelina González-Nicolás Chicote
    • Buildings
      Patricia García Kilroy
    • Geology and geotechnical engineering
      Pedro Ramírez Rodríguez
    • Water Engineering
      Juan Ojeda Couchoud
    • IT
      Pedro Sanz Casero
    • Linear infrastructure
      Ignacio Alonso Jorreto
    • MEP engineering and telecommunications
      Julio Sánchez Rodríguez
    • Occupational Health and Safety
      Marcos Sánchez Rielo
    • Structures
      José Luis Sánchez Jimenez
    • Technological development
      Sebastian Sprätz Ugarte
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