Breaking ground with artificial wave technology for surfing

TYPSA is preparing preliminary and detailed designs and providing construction management assistance for a surfing lagoon using Wavegarden artificial wave technology in Garopaba, in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. This is TYPSA’s first major contract for the development of this type of facility and is the result of the time spent working with the Spanish company Wavegarden, supporting them in different technical aspects and installation studies. Wavegarden is a cutting-edge engineering firm dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation and operation of wave-generating systems and surfing lagoons. The firm has spent a decade on R&D achieving a series of patents and significant breakthroughs and is now considered the market leader in the emerging sector of dynamic artificial waves. Located in the Basque Country, our relationship with the company has prospered through the TYPSA Euskadi office. We are proud of the opportunity to grow and to strengthen our experience using these technologies based on our direct relationship with the development department of this company whose business is booming across the globe.

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