XI conference of geotechnical interest in TYPSA

In keeping with tradition, the 11th edition of the “Geotechnical Aspects of Interest in TYPSA” conference took place on 26th October 2023. The event was held in a hybrid format, with in-person sessions at the auditorium of the Group headquarters, and virtual participation through the Microsoft Teams application. 

This edition continues what has already been consolidated over the past ten years: the need and, simultaneously, the opportunity to establish an annual gathering for geotechnical sharing among the technicians of the TYPSA Group This includes not only those whose activities are within the field of geotechnics, but also anyone interested in infrastructure, both civil engineering and construction, and their complex and significant relationship. 

At present, TYPSA Group companies continue to participate in studies and projects with diverse scopes and geographical areas, engaging in geotechnical engineering for both new infrastructure and the rehabilitation of existing structures, as well as the mitigation of pathologies. 

TYPSA´s involvement in projects located in diverse geographic environments, with geological and geotechnical constraints, sometimes quite distinct, requires the application of the skills and knowledge acquired over time. 

These opportunities require effort and attention, while allowing for further learning and experience in the field of geotechnics. 

The continuous development of new tools, and the need to take into account local practices, different guidelines or regulations, which do not always exist, and geotechnical references from different areas, make timely updates of such deep knowledge necessary, in order to be correctly applied. 

In the resolution of geotechnical problems, risks and uncertainties are always present, and this challenge keeps us permanently alert with sharpened expertise. 

Each project entails tackling a new challenge, each in a different scenario, thus testing our adaptability and utilisation of our resources and techniques, to give appropriate responses at each stage of the study, from data collection, environmental characterisation, and geotechnical design to the most complex analytical or numerical modelling. 

The specific constraints imposed by geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics, and the environment, together with local practices and regulations, require the application of the most suitable knowledge and tools so as to meet the unique and singular requirements of each project. 

On this occasion a selection was made from the numerous projects and studies considered representative of our diverse activities. The topics addressed and the speakers are as follows: 

  • San Fernando de Henares Metro Line 7B F. Díez, D. Chuliá, P. Rincón
  • Interoperability of LEAPFROG X. Gost, P. Sillero
  • High Speed Two. Phase 1. Lots C2-C3 F. J. Ruiz, M. Las Heras
  • Ground freezing in the construction of cross passages H. Castellvi
  • Tabora-Isaka Railway Line. Tanzania A. Barrero, J. Guerrero, M. Trancoso
  • Geotechnical engineering for the WAVE GARDEN installations J. Etxeberría, S. Ortega
  • Geotechnical aspects of the underground pedestrian connection between Alicante and Xativa stations (Valencia) A. Durá, A. Cazcarro
  • Dock EUROPHAVEN. Port of Rotterdam R. Goumy, F. Samper
  • NEOM. Geological-geotechnical approach of a Megaproject in Saudi Arabia A. Barrero, D. Chuliá
  • Studies for the reopening of the Somport tunnel M. Becerril, A. Santos
  • Mularroya tunnel F. Diez, P. Ramírez

As in previous editions, this conference sparked great interest, with the enthusiastic participation of over 70 attendees, connected from various geographical locations. Despite the constraints imposed by daily obligations, attendees were able to engage, either in person or virtually, with at least some of the topics covered. 

Future topics of interest are now being identified to continuing the tradition of sharing knowledge and experience in the field of geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering within the TYPSA group in upcoming events. The next conference is being planned for the fourth quarter of 2024. 

In essence, the “Geotechnical Aspects of Interest in TYPSA” conferences, are conceived, organised, and conducted with the fundamental objective of transmitting, documenting, and sharing knowledge and experiences, for continuous improvement and strengthening of our capabilities, and for the application of lessons learned in future projects. 

Pedro Ramírez
Technical Director Geotechnical Engineering

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