TYPSA in the Geotechnical Asset Management Systems Conference 

In January, the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia and the General Directorate of Mobilitat Infrastructures of the Generalitat, jointly organised the “Geotechnical asset management systems: methodologies and experiences” conference, in which TYPSA participated significantly.  

Geotechnical assets are the components of transport infrastructure in which the land plays a major role and dysfunctions of which can lead to risks for such infrastructure. Thus, the necessity to carry out an adequate management of these assets, based mainly on their correct identification and monitoring, the maintenance policy, and the methodological tools for their evaluation and decision-making, as well as on the development of technologies to support management and modelling.  

Hence, the objective of this conference was to share the knowledge of administrations and companies, gained from their experience both in roads and railways, presenting procedures, methodologies and challenges in finding solutions of interest to the sector. Technicians from the central and regional administrations and representatives of various engineering companies active in the geotechnical branch also attended the conference.  

The participation of TYPSA consisted in the presentation of our key experiences in geotechnical assets management systems, given by Ion Martinez San Martin, responsible for this area in Euskadi, and by Xavier Gost Mayans, the director of the project and head of geotechnics in Catalonia. The works developed in recent years in the Basque Country for the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Bidegi and Euskal Trenbide Sarea were presented, the representatives of which were present at the conference.  Also shared were those made for the General Directorate of Mobilitat Infrastructures of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the technological innovations introduced, which have allowed us to improve our degree of efficiency and be a benchmark in the sector (geotechnical asset management platform, notification systems and GIS-BIM interaction). 

Xavier Gost
Head of the Geotechnical Engineering in Catalonia

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