Santa Rosa Expressway, a step toward sustainable mobility

The “Santa Rosa Expressway” project is an elevated urban road designed to provide faster and more direct access to the new terminal of the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. Its main component is an elevated viaduct on the current Santa Rosa Avenue that has an approximate length of 4 km, with 2 or 3 lanes in each direction and different typologies according to the sections. Also included are 6 intermediate access points from the lower level and various interventions at street level.

Cross section of the mixed bridge with box girder metal beams

The construction of this infrastructure is managed by PROVIAS NACIONAL and is executed within the government-government agreements between Peru and France. The project has been awarded to the Santa Rosa Consortium, of which TYPSA is part, as project leader.

The Expressway infrastructure is located in a highly consolidated urban area with an estimated user reach of over 35 million people per year. The main objective of this route is to facilitate travel to and from the new terminal of Jorge Chavez International Airport, significantly optimising travel times and traffic flow.

At the same time, the road will promote mobility and integration with the city of El Callao, either through the use of its own infrastructure or the associated improvements that will be made on the existing roads. The project also seeks the environmental and social improvement of the area, through the construction of green areas, pedestrian footpaths, cycle lanes and the integration of public bus transport.

View under the viaduct in the Bellavista district

The level of detail of the design, carried out with BIM technology and Autodesk Docs, reflects the difficulties presented by the construction of a road in a highly populated area, with traffic maintenance and with the use of technologies and construction procedures which are not common in Peru, taking into account, in addition, the environmental, social and municipal restrictions that arise.

Night view of the metal arch bridge

Jean Marcos Cutti

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