Zaragoza, Spain



Ebro River Basin Authority.



Construction budget

EUR 195 million.

Key facts

Central clay core rockfill dam, 82.5 m high with 4.7 million m3 in the dam body, granular shell material (transition material) and limestone riprap on both faces, 23.5 m high diversion dam, 13 km transfer tunnel to ensure an 8 m3/s reservoir inflow and 10 km of new roads.


Construction control and supervision, analysis and monitoring of contractor’s QAP, topography control, quantity surveying, technical advisory services, quality control on site and during commissioning, preparation of Emergency Action Plan and first filling plan. 

Environmental construction supervision, including design of the measures to compensate impacts generated on the Natura 2000 Network.

Completion of the Mularroya tunnel excavation

The Mularroya Tunnel, 13.3 km long and designed to transfer up to 8 m3/s of water from the River Jalon to the Mularroya reservoir, is...

The Mularroya tunnel faces its final stretch

On 13th March 2023, excavation of the second and final section of the Mularroya tunnel commenced from Paracuellos de la Ribera. The initial 8.2 km...


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