Catalonia, Spain

C-25 Exe Transversal Widening to Dual Carriageway


Lenders: CaixaBank, BEI, ICO / Sponsor: Cedinsa Eix Tranversal.



Construction budget

EUR 620 million

Key facts

The project involved widening a total of 151 km of the Eje Transversal (transversal arterial road) between Cervera and Caldes de Malavella, in 3 sections:

Cervera-Manresa section. Project length of 49 km with viaducts over the Riera de Rajadell and one interchange.

Manresa-Vic section. Project length of 46 km with 12 viaducts, 1 tunnel 731 m long and 13 new interchanges.

Vic-Caldes de Malavella section. Project length of 57 km with 17 viaducts, 7 tunnels, 5 cut-and-cover tunnels.


Technical audit for construction financing and operation of the dual carriageway.


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