Tenerife, Spain



Regional Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Regional Government of the Canary Islands



Construction budget

EUR 279 million

Key facts

Construction of a third motorway lane in each direction:

23 km between the exit ramp at junction 11 to Tenerife North Airport and the exit ramp at junction 32 to Puerto de la Cruz.

20 km section between the entrance ramp at junction 32 and junction 14 at Guamasa to continue the existing third lane.

Dedicated bus-HOV lane along 34 km on both carriageways of the TF-5 between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz.

The alignment of the El Sauzal section, between KP 20 and 22, curves that are not appropriate for a high-capacity motorway, requiring the speed to be limited to 80 kilometres per hour on the existing road, and the incorporation of a tunnel bypass. This double bore tunnel comprises a mined length of 1,049 m and a total development of 1,200 m. The tunnel has a minimum ground cover of 11 m, reaching a maximum height of 58 m, with 5% gradient, and tunnelling through basaltic, trachybasaltic, and scoriaceous rock masses.


Conceptual and detailed design of the widening of the motorway and design of the Bus-HOV lane implementing ITS technology. Study of alternatives for the curve alignment improvements at El Sauzal.

Widening the Autopista del Norte motorway in Tenerife, Spain

The Autopista del Norte, or TF-5, is one of the main communication routes between the Santa Cruz de Tenerife–La Laguna metropolitan area and the rest...


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