Enhancing RANC-EE project through strategic communication

Throughout 2023, the Escazú Water Consortium (CAdE), led by TYPSA, launched several informative initiatives to increase public awareness of the Costa Rica Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) RANC-EE Project. This project, with an investment of USD 179 million, represents the most ambitious initiative in the region aimed at reducing non-metered water, highlighting AyA´s commitment to sustainable management of water supply systems. 

The project focuses on recovering water lost through leaks, and strengthening the commercial management of AyA in areas of measurement, invoicing and payments of all supplied water. The objective is to reduce the unmetered water index by 17% and improve energy efficiency by 7.5%, benefiting more than 2 million inhabitants in various regions of Costa Rica and marking a milestone in the modernisation of AyA. 

This is a unique project which aims to transform the way the Institute operates, seeking efficiency in the aqueduct´s management without disrupting the service, “operation without anaesthesia”. In this process, communication is essential in managing the associated risks. Not only must clients be kept informed about any actions which may affect them, but the employees of the Institute must also be prepared for the changes that the project entails and that will affect the way of working used to date. 

Furthermore, there are external key players, such as entrepreneurs, with interests linked to water availability and who have significant political influence, whose businesses are affected by the inefficiency of the service and who consider the project to be a medium-term solution. By communicating the expectations of improvement that the project brings, we not only enhance AyA´s image, but we also safeguard the continuity of the project, sometimes questioned due to the accumulation of delays. 

Project communication focuses on both the internal and external

Although the responsibility for project implementation lies with AyA, our Consortium leads the communication, based on a strategic plan developed in the first stage of the project. For this, we have a team formed by Diana Flaqué, expert in communication, and Priscilla Lorenzo, specialist in this field, complemented by a team provided by AyA that deals with the design and media publishing of campaigns, video production and editing, event promotion and document printing and signage work. 

Over the last year, a strong impetus has been given to the communication campaign, achieving excellent results, by sharing the project´s milestones, using the actions provided for in the strategic plan. Highlights of such actions include: 

  • The creation of a website with general and detailed information on the project´s progress (https://www.aya.go.cr/ANC.aspx).
  • The publication of a bi-monthly newsletter, with detailed and updated information for all AyA collaborators. 
  • Printing 10,000 informative leaflets explaining the objectives and goals of the project. 
  • Issuing press releases for the most important achievements. 
  • Conducting tv interviews with the project director to share the importance and achievements of the project. 

The project has been broadcast on television through interviews with the project director

Last December, a new six-month communication campaign was launched to strengthen knowledge of the project and raise public awareness of AyA’s mission to ensure better management of water resources, with the global message: “Let us continue advancing towards a future in which together, as a country, we can transform water into an engine of progress and a lasting legacy for future generations.” 

This campaign uses various platforms, such as institutional whiteboards, screens in customer service offices, informative events, wallpapers on AyA computers, institutional social networks, WhatsApp groups and billboards, as well as an informative video (link to video), the aim being to share the real scope of the issue to be addressed, the overall benefits to be achieved, up-to-date progress of the work, together with related contractual opportunities. 

The communication team has actively collaborated in change management, supporting reengineering processes and communication activities

Live interviews about project actions

José Delgado
Project Manager

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