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WindFloat Atlantic offshore wind farm

This is the first commercial offshore wind farm in operation in southern Europe. Located 20 km off the coast of the Portuguese town of Viana do Castelo, it comprises three high-power wind turbines (8.5 MW each), installed on large floating platforms.

Assembly of the turbine on a floating platform achieves one of the main competitive advantages of this type of solution since it can be assembled while at port, benefiting from onshore conditions that facilitate a whole battery of advantages in terms of economy, logistics and safety. Once assembled at port, the floating wind-turbine platform is towed by tugboat to its final operating position.

The first of the three WINDFLOAT ATLANTIC units is already installed at its final location, while the other two are being assembled in the Outer Harbour of Ferrol in A Coruña.

TYPSA provided technical assistance services during the operation design phases, as well as on-site supervision while the actual operations were being carried out. Both TYPSA’s Port and Wind Energy experience were key to the company’s participation in this important international offshore wind project.

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