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El Carrizal hydroelectric power system, Bolivia

Ende (National Electricity Company of Bolivia) engaged Asociación AH Carrizal, with TYPSA as the lead partner, to develop the Carrizal Hydroelectric Project. The Project’s main aim is to generate electricity using the hydroelectric potential of Andean rivers.

The field works were constrained by the considerable dimensions of the works designed in this macro project and the exceptional Andean terrain. The main components of the solution finally selected include a dam, a hydraulic diversion tunnel, a penstock, power plant and transmission line. Access roads and construction camps have also been designed.

The roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam rises 160 m high above the foundation and has a crest length of 380 m and a 1,334 hm3 regulating reservoir. The overfall spillway is 86 m long with a discharge capacity of 7,290 m³/s (1.000 year return period). The bottom outlet comprises seven 3 x 3.5 m rectangular ducts located at different heights, with a discharge capacity of 2,364.9 m³/s.

The project also entails the construction of 51 km of new access roads to the dam, the powerhouse and the surge tank, as well as the rehabilitation and upgrade of about 67 km of existing roads for access to the powerhouse.

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