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San Antonio Large-Scale Port project in Chile

TYPSA is working on the basic engineering studies for the Port of San Antonio’s large-scale port (PGE) project. Chile’s main port, Port of San Antonio, is located in the central part of the country and is the closest port to the capital, Santiago. The studies were commissioned by the Empresa Portuaria San Antonio (EPSA), the state-owned company that manages and develops the port’s maritime-port activity.

The studies encompass a new container terminal basin with a 3,500 m berthing line, which will allow for future port infrastructure as of the next decade, when it is estimated that demand will exceed the current capacity.

TYPSA’s assignment includes preparing the Large-Scale Port preliminary design, thoroughly analysing aspects relating to general port operation, generating the physical characterization of the area and further developing the structural design. The work will be done over a one-and-a-half year period, and will be developed in parallel with other studies related to environmental business and logistics.

These studies will enhance both construction and operation project certainty, with a view to ensuring the success of the bidding process, for the optimum operation of the port terminal. The latest technologies will be used for this infrastructure in order to address increasing foreign trade demands and ensure proper management at all stages of the logistics chain in the maritime, road and rail fields.

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