Sidney, Australia



Netflow (Cintra & Plenary).



Construction budget

AUD 16,800 million

Key facts

3 concessions for 33 km of toll road on the Sydney Ring Road, 24 km of which are subway toll roads in different phases of the project’s life: bidding, construction and operation.

– Phase 1 entailed widening the current M4 motorway and building a 5.5 km tunnel to extend it in length.

– Phase 2 comprises the duplication of the current M5, including 9 km of twin road tunnels and King George Interchange.

– Phase 3 comprises the M4-M5 Link with twin tunnels 7.5 km in length, Rozelle Interchange.


Due diligence for the potential acquisition of 51%. Identification and management of project risks for the transaction: geotechnical, structural, tunnel ventilation and drainage risks. Evaluation and proposal of mitigation actions.