Key facts

– Partners: ZELEROS and ROADIS.

– Speeds up to 1,200 km/h

– Energy efficiency: reduced air and ground resistance allow batteries and renewable sources to be used to power infrastructure sustainably, with a significant reduction in cost and carbon footprint.

– Zero emissions and zero noise.

– Reduced travel time: transportation between city centres with no waiting times. Faster than any other conventional transport system (rail/plane).

– Fewer travel accidents.

– Resists adverse weather conditions: it operates in a tube, which is a perfect environment, protected against rain, wind, sand, and ice.

– Flexibility to adapt to changing demand: high speeds with railway frequency. 40-60 passengers and a standard shipping container every 2-3 minutes.


Technical studies within the framework of the strategic agreement with Zeleros for the feasibility of implementing the concept in different geographies.