Corporate Social Responsibility

TYPSA Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy embraces its core business values and its commitments to its main stakeholders — shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers and society in general — in alignment with its reputation as a provider of engineering excellence and top technological and professional skills.

Mission, Vision and Values

TYPSA Group’s track record reveals a constant pursuit of excellence driven by a determination to optimise client value without wavering from a commitment to social development, sustainability and a better quality of life. Furthermore, TYPSA is aware that society categorically rejects questionable management or dishonest or unethical behaviour.

TYPSA Group therefore ensures its Mission, Vision and Values align with its responsibilities towards its main stakeholders.

TYPSA’s mission is to create, design and develop the most appropriate and effective engineering and architectural solutions, assuring quality and excellence and a constant commitment to client satisfaction. We believe in what we do and in what we offer. We endeavour to generate profit and benefits for our clients, for the company, for our shareholders and for all the people involved in the Group’s organisation and operation, adhering to sustainable development principles and contributing to the good of society.

TYPSA’s vision is to be the top consulting firm in civil engineering, buildings, environment and renewable energy in Spain, while taking an international lead through a constant process of diversification and geographic expansion. To this end we deliver excellence, competent, original and professional services, quality, and a commitment to society and the environment.

TYPSA’s business policy is based on its core values:

  • Honesty, honour, integrity and loyalty, upholding our good corporate reputation through professionalism, responsibility and a commitment to our stakeholders.
  • Leadership, through continuous improvement and constant development, delivering accuracy, reliability and skill in everything we do.
  • Independence, enabling us to make our own decisions, ensure our commitments are met and take full responsibility for our actions, our only tie being our obligation to our clients.
  • Presence, maintained by our financial independence, our well-adjusted structure and our ability to meet all our challenges.
  • Pursuit of excellence, by assuring the quality of our products and processes, promoting innovation in the search for solutions with high added value.
  • Social and environmental responsibility, with a deep respect for social well-being, present in our work and in the end product.
CSR Policy

TYPSA’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility governs the activities of all the firms in the Group in accordance with its guiding principles, which represent a commitment to clients, employees, suppliers, the environment and society alike.

Business Conduct

TYPSA Group is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and requires its employees to behave in line with its principles. The Group believes that corruption goes against the public interest and therefore maintains a zero-tolerance policy in all its markets across the globe.

The principles that underpin the business and personal conduct of the Group’s firms and employees are laid down in its Code of Ethics and its Corporate Integrity Policy.

United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is the largest voluntary Corporate Responsibility initiative in the world. It provides a policy framework to align our company strategy with ten basic principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
The Compact aims to achieve the endorsement of business and markets, to create a stable and fairer global economy working towards building more prosperous societies.
TYPSA’s explicit support of the ten universal principles was confirmed on 29th August 2013 when we signed up to the Global Compact (Letter of commitment to the Global Compact) (Certificate of joining the UN Global Compact).
TYPSA’s management strategy was already based on these lines. Our official commitment to the Global Compact now mainstreams the principles in our management, our strategy, our culture and our day to day business activity. We now also have a firm commitment to the pursuit of 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we publish our progress towards achieving both the 10 Principles and the SDGs in our Annual Report.

Carbon Footprint

TYPSA Group is aware that climate change is now a major problem, and that greenhouse gases contribute to this threat. The Group ensures that when considering the environmental aspects of its projects special importance is attached to emissions and measures to mitigate them.

In addition, the Group assesses the impact of its own activity as a consulting and engineering service provider, calculating and duly certifying its carbon footprint in accordance with the ISO 14067 standard.

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